Aged Buckthorn Bark cut 1oz 1618 gold


Item Number: H16BUCBC

Native to Europe, North Africa, and Central Asia, Buckthorn Bark (Rhamnus Frangula) has been used medicinally for 100's of years. Interestingly, it is only used in this manner if has been aged. If Buckthorn Bark is eaten without having been aged it can cause intense discomfort in the form of intestinal spasms and vomiting. However, when used properly buckthorn bark offers a much more gentle medical effect.

The medical uses of Buckthorn Bark have generally remained consistent since their first documented use hundreds of years ago. Typically, it offers herbalists a gentle herbal laxative that can ease symptoms experienced with hemorrhoids without the harsher experiences of other purging agents. It is also believed to aid in treating abdominal bloating.

This is a 1 oz packet of Aged and cut Buckthorn Bark.

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