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Found within the Brazilian Amazon, from trees that grow along the Amazon River, Acai berry, or are a popular and seedy, grape-like fruit that have been used for quite some time among the native people of Brazil. More recently, Acai berries have come to the attention of the general public within a hotly debated discussion over its numerous qualities, as experts, herbalists, and dietitians have widely made claims that it can increase personal energy while improving sleep, improve digestion, improve circulation and heart health, help achieve healthier skin, and even help prevent certain forms of cancer. All in all, these claims make it quite the cure-all.

Common in juices, pills, and powder form, the truth behind Acai Berry is still up to debate. It does however contain Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids, which have been proven to help reduce the risk of some varieties of cancer. It is also said to contain beta sitosterol, which is said to promote urinary and prostate health, and may possibly be useful in the treatment of certain kinds of cancer. Further study has also revealed numerous amino acids which are generally believed to be good for improving muscle regeneration, endurance, strength, and development, which can be quite useful in working out and helping the muscles of the heart. Generally, these known qualities leave Acai Berry, in its various forms, as a well received supplement.

This is a 1 oz packet of Acai Berry powder.

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