Welcome Infernally to the Satanic House of adornment!!

 If you have questions,please send them to email at: jescritt.thedevilshenchmen@gmail.com  ~666~ or call me at (712) 326-1872 This site is devoted to our Dark Lord Master Satanas-Luciferi in the Left-Hand Path articles of Hell!! I do accept suggestions and will be more than happy to place within this site things of Satanic nature to sell through my site for those who are musicians and authors. In service and a devoted warlike soldier for our Master Satan!! Carpe Noctem!! ~666~

  Come unto the Gates of Satanic enlightenment and find thine self in discovery of Dark Blessings and Satanic Merchandise No white light white wash hypocritical things found herein thus site of Satanic darkness. Hail Satan!! TRUE WISDOM TRUE KNOWLEDGE TRUE POWER BEHOLD!! SATAN HATH COME TO CLAIM HIS GROUND!! UNTO THINE OWN SELF BE IN THE HIGHEST SATANIC EMBODIMENT OF FLESH AND POWER, DOMINION OVER THE WORLD! SATAN EXALTED WITH INFERNAL DELIGHTS!! AVE SATANAS!! DOMINUS INFERUS VOBISCUM. ~666~




And thy seas of water will

become full of fire and the unholy shall swim through purification. And unto

the Satan’s of the world, I thee Elect shall cast into paradise by the powerful

storms and roaring winds. Hail Father Satan and Lord Of Infernal Light’s,

Lucifer my inspiration.

My will, the driving of all that

is, my power and my dominion on earth as in Hell. Granted me be the open gates where I come and

go. Shall the vengeful angel’s have to wait for thy engagements of war against

the holy lives?

I command their release by the

four elements and by the almighty self-will they shall rise in power to take

again the daughters of men. And thy teaching’s and bloodshed take course by the

plight of many Satan’s on earth.

And hitherto these things shall

manifest in the conscious mind and our hearts hath become as a monolith that

flame with brightness through the blackend night of star lit clutter.

Wafting air of incense beauty

for thy victory of war within ourselves, and that we become to either one side

or the other. And not torn between any two but of strength and strong

foundation to gain earthly success.

And weariness and emptiness be

driven away. And wealth, and prosperity, and happiness given from all thy

direction’s. And been endowed with spirit of power and lust for this life! And

sorrows and sadness vanish to bring fullness. And recognition received. And

star lit glory shall reign forevermore.

And, all those who hath become

superior upon all nation’s! And those darkly shadow’s that form out of formless

blackness. And, those who hath rule of fire, and of air, and of earth, and of

water! And that these power’s excel forever, and ever, and ever, and evermore

to all ages!

Blessed be the strong daemons

who hath dominion O’er the earth, for power and glory shall manifest to thy

Satanist. Glory to the satanically minded for worldly wealth is theirs.


In the night I come

to thee, my tower of refuge I seek thee.

Destroyer of the

Christian soul!

I ask for unknown

wisdom and strength.

O’ how art thou

Morning Star?

Dark Night, Dark


Keep us strong!

Indulgence self the trinity denied.

Come let us burn

the Christian soul,

Conveyer of ample

vices and tempter of life!

Dark Night, Dark


Demonic self has

taken over,

I cast a spell to

bring forth Hell.

And the night

gaunts shall ride with wind and fire. We have raised up Hell’s Empire.

In Nomine Dei Nostrae Satanas Luciferi Excelsi.

The kingdom stands forever more.

Hail Satan!

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