Boneset cut 1oz 1618 gold


Item Number: H16BONC

Contrary to what its name might imply, Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum)is not actually used at all to mend broken bones. This name actually comes from the "Break Bone Fever" which it was used to treat. Indeed, Boneset (also known by the common names Agueweed, Crosswort, Feverwort, Indian Sage, and sweating plant) is most traditionally known for its use in the treatment of fevers.

From Native American lore to modern herbalism, Boneset is popularly used in treating colds, flu symptoms, and all fevers. In case of loss of appetite it is also sometimes taken as a hot tea prior to eating. Indeed, it is perhaps most commonly prescribed in tea-form though there have been reports that it can be difficult to ingest in this manner, and that cold infusions are less bitter.

This is a 1 oz packet of cut Boneset.

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