Black Walnut Hulls powder 1oz 1618 gold


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For hundreds of years the powder and extracts from the Black Walnut Hulls from Juglans Nigra, has been asserted as a powerful medicine, prescribed from herbalists and within folk medicine. Within these traditions, the husks have been used for treating skin infections, intestinal worms, and other parasitic infections for centuries. Indeed, the wood of the tree is also highly revered within many magical traditions, and is viewed as being a potent material for astral travel, weather magick, and other such spellcraft and lore.

Though more modern medicine has performed studies that support the traditional uses of Black Walunt Hulls, it continues to be a popular remedy among herbalists. It is also praised for its vitamin C, Zinc, Iodine, tannins, and Omega-3 content, all of which are believed to be beneficial to the body. It is still quite highly revered for its ability to heal skin sores and fungal infections such as athlete's foot. It should be noted however that long term use is generally highly discouraged among herbalists.

This is a 1 oz package of Black Walnut Hull powder.

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