Birch Bark cut 1oz 1618 gold


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The use of Birch Bark by man is something that often predates written history. This is largely due to its flexible, papery nature, which made it quite ideal in helping to create shelters, boats, and woven containers due to its water-resistant qualities. For these purposes it was often stripped from a log or tree prior to being beaten smooth with a rock and dried. At this point, it also makes a wonderful substitute for paper, and was used as such by many cultures throughout the world.

Perhaps in part due to the sheltering product that it yielded, the birch has come to often be revered as sacred in many cultures, and as such was even referred to as the Lady of the Wood, for its innate grace and pleasant aroma. Within spiritual practices birch bark is also considered to be a useful aid in finding the heart of the truth, making it a powerful aid in divination magic.

Herbalists have also used the bark of the common birch tree in helping to treat fevers, and other similar ailments and aches from cold and flu, though such use is often debated.

This is a 1 oz packet of cut Birch Bark.

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