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Bilberry Leaf (Vaccinium Myrtilli), also known under the common names of Whortleberries, Blaeberries, and Huckle Berries, have long been used medicinally within western herbalism. The most prominent use reported is to improve ailing vision or otherwise increase night vision. Indeed, during World war II British pilots were even said to have used it to improve night vision before flying night missions. It is also worth noting that many herbalists speak of it performing well in other healing facets, and even aiding in treating muscle spasms.

Study of bilberry leaf reveals it to have high vitaman A and C content, and suggests that it might be able to aid with a range of degenerative disorders ranging from rheumatoid arthritis to glaucoma. Some of the reasoning behind this is perhaps that it may be responsible for strengthening connecting tissues as well as preventing damage from free radicals.

This is 1 oz of bilberry leaf powder.

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