Balsam Fir needles 1oz 1618 gold


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Native to North America, the Balsam fir, or Abies Cilicica is an iconic image within many of the forests of the northern regions, as well as extended portions of Appalachia. The wood of the tree has long been used for the production of paper, and resins derived from the tree have actually been used to create turpentine, and even glue, and has been used for making glasses, the components of optical components, as well as the preparations for the permanent mounts of microscopes. The oils derived have also been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency as a non toxic repellant for rodents, perhaps making the popular use of the tree as a Christmas Tree even more appealing. Within magickal applications, these needles can be used to represent the element of earth, functioning as a powerful connection for to the forest and the earth for your ritual magick.

In folk medicine and lore, the needles have been used to derive a popular remedy for colds, often being used as an expectorant to help with coughing symptoms or even as a soothing aid for stuffed up sinuses. Some herbalists also prescribe the needles for their soothing fragrance which can, while easing nervous tension, be somewhat revitalizing and invigorating.

This is a 1 oz bag of Balsam Fir needles.

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