The imagination is the by-product of a persons’ mind. It is produced from past memories that have been rearranged mixing with future thoughts. Our creativity is the memories next door neighbor. This stems from a persons’ individuality. A persons incarceration happens because, of their own selves. Even though people are free from worldly prisons, they are still locked up on the inside and driven to insanity. For why, Generations have become accustomed to pain by living in it for so long. Many things drive people mad by the blindness of the human-animals’ own mind. Many do not ever find true freedom. We’ve searched out looking for all the answers to feel better such as Religions, doctors, friends, and family. Yet no soothing answers. The key to freedom lay’s within you. Search deep within because, you already have the answers to which you search for.
Memories came from past experiences and past experiences give us wisdom. We all learn at least one good lesson in life.
Our minds are the biggest libraries the world has to offer. Past experiences are triggered by people, places, smells, and sounds. Without these things we would have no clue to anything in life.

The Only Thing a Person has to give that is true and lasting in life........

I guess for most people life is about money fame and fortune, but for me life is about living life from the heart and sharing the things in life that are beautiful and lasting.I write books its not much,create websites im proud of how far i... came in life and i dont care about being famous or having money or showing off. I dont criticize and put people down for who or what they are, i just live life and do what is respectful to all unless i have been disrespected in life.I will never fail to see real beauty and appreciate the beauty life has to offer i give from the heart and i follow it. I guess that is what matters most to me in life building and keeping strong lasting relationships between friends and family the best i can.I dont ever want to be the center of attention and be glorified because of fame and fortune, i just want to stay me and staying being myself in life and i love deeply those who deserve my love and hate goes to those who despitefully treat me bad and disrespect me. I only dream of having one thing in life and that is my own family wife and children i can love and spend and share in a lifetime of memories with. Really i am a simple man who loves life and all i truly have to give is my heart rather it is worth anything or not, my heart is everything to me.I am just me and it is who i am, a person who is honest and loves, i am a person who like may things in life.I am not a christian i dont do drugs i barely drink the worse thing i do is smoke cigs. I have goals in life i continually work toward and i dont have much,but what i do have i am grateful for. I dont need lots of nice things and lots of money, those things dont last and they dont bring real happiness to a person. Only love and seeing the real beauty life has to offer is what last forever.that is the only thing that matters to me in life.I give of my heart and that is all i have and maybe its enough and maybe not , but it is what counts to me.
     I am a man who believes in myself and has a creative mind,I am the kind of person who would give you my coat if you were cold,i will open a car door for you, i will be the first to go out of my way for you and be happy that i did,I am a man who treats person good and shows respect, i am a gentleman who knows how to treat a lady.that is me.
    Many people have the wrong idea of what life is about and say well such and such is not a Satanist because one expresses love in the deepest way but they are wrong because we cannot fully experience love without full experiencing hate. most... people just chose to deny the love part of life and continue to hate, that makes for a chaotic lifestyle with a lot of pain, and it is good to see the real meaning of life and know that there is more to life than just hate hate is good on those who deserve it and love to those who also deserve it, but all humans must have that balance in life and learn to balance them out. if we only hated everyone and everything or loved everyone and everything we would lose the powerful magical tool we have within us and that is our natural selections in choice, by loving everything and everyone and or the same with hate as well, then it loses all it real meaning.The Power of selection is a very magical thing we all carry inside that is why we are careful of who we love and hate.Hail Satan!!
     Into the sleeping darkness that waits.....
 When the meaning of life starts to fade, when times of loneliness fill the soul, when deception is placed within ones life and manipulation plays it role, when a person starts to drift away and life that is, has no gray, when black and whit......e becomes so clear, and deep scarring pains that a heart so sorrowful becomes disdain.When enemies encamp upon their prey they find themselves stunned and their own decay.when one underestimates they will surely lose as the one who gaurds will smite them anew.
Why would love keep company with enemies of love? When enemies will destroy those they love.A person of old told by a person very close that one will get what one wants, its just not going to be the way one wants it. Depends on how thy heart turns rather cold and drifting away or warm and drawn ever closer, is by the action of rather or not the problem is vanquished that come in pair, will vary on if the heart stays near. Psychodrama of apocalyptic complexities, balancing thought of the mind and power of fulfillment of night sublime.
A man has no business telling of another’s business.
If a man render’s consequence because of a failed situation, he then has no right shifting blame upon another for his consequence. Ultimately he chose his situation and it is... he who is responsible for his circumstance.
If a person gets in the business of chance and is after his gain, but is unwilling to accept
the possibility of loss or defeat on his own part from any situation, then the individual has no business getting involved.
A man of honor and respect will lay down his life for his fellow friends and or his brotherhood, if it is called for. This keeps solid structure and strength.
Responsibility is a tall order that the many cannot maintain. Only few can and are holding strong their duty and responsibility to the life they live.
Poser’s who are wolves in sheep’s clothing are continually trying to infiltrate our very circles of superiority. Those poser’s are a plague that if they were allowed would send us to ruins.
These weak individuals and their insecurities will surely make them vile. Their vileness will cause famine in the worse ways.
Our faculties cannot allow our intelligent eyes to become lazy. Our structure calls for the constant weeding out of the very weak.
I say to you that only the strong will survive and endure. Responsibility will also mean and follow; silence and secrecy. Silence and secrecy becomes broken when an outsider learns of vital information that happens within any respected circle.
Society has far too long, ran around with knowledge that don’t belong to them, that should have never made it outside of the honored circle. This results in an irresponsible individual and disloyal behavior. The irresponsible individual who said one to many words has in actuality created an existing plague. If the plague lands on deaf ears of the weak, will more than likely cause the collapse of organized group activity. This irresponsible individual will be the responsible party for this destruction.
When we become part of something or anything for this matter, we are given some sort of responsibility and we have to be willing to fully carry out that duty. Remember these keys for success:
• Responsibility
• Silence
• Secrecy
• Honor
• Loyalty
• Respect
You noticed I never listed trust. This is because ‘Trust’ can lead to blindness. Blindness to destruction! I say always harbor doubt in everyone and everything. Harboring doubt will keep you on your toes, so when someone or something causes a problem or collapse in our organized groups and elsewhere for the matter, your let down and the shock won’t be as detrimental to you. Also, to fix the situation in any method necessary to keeping the structure in tact without the detriment! As you will have calculated every situation and individual as possible cancers!
Responsibility is a word that carries heavy weight of vital importance. So, I ask you this question: Why, the large masses of people customized themselves to think and believe that ‘responsibility’ should be taking lightly?
My answer to this question will be only part of the whole answer and each person will carry a piece of the whole answer to make the answer whole and unified.
People have no desire to be held responsible for their actions. These people fear loss of freedoms and they fear death, and anything else that fear overwhelms them with. Christianity plays a large role in brainwashing large masses into shunning responsibility for their actions and choice. They teach that consequence is caused by someone else and or the devil. These people make for a disposable society. We have to annihilate all of them or they will annihilate us!
A Person’s True Worth
A person’s true worth depends on what his capabilities are. Morals and values will make up a person’s actions!
A real convict shows no mercy or weakness when it comes to winning at all costs. For example: I know of a person who has very little or no concern for the public or law-enforcement. The individuals not going to allow anything or anyone to stand in their way, even at the cost of all freedoms and or loosing their own life! The only thing that matters is he accomplishes what he set out to do. The individual will believe this to be normal and acceptable behavior. In return he shows no remorse for his actions. After the individual has rendered severe consequence for his actions, only finds himself plotting his next ruthless scheme of the century. Enough is never enough. Consequence has no meaning or value to the individual. There’s no rock bottom. Only life and death, situation and circumstance, black and white! No excuses, things happen because they happen, it’s meant to be. There is no divine intervention other than the human-animals very divine intellect. His brain and body is responsible for all his own worldly affairs. His success and failures, blessings and curses!
To succeed in his endeavors with no cares or conscience he holds on to anger, rage, resentments, sorrow, and never stops his mourning of his cherished companions. He would say: ‘My pains are the great motivator for ensured success and pleasures.’
He will spend much time and effort in reeling in his victims, making them think that he is a trusted servant, only to strike them down like the human animal prey they are. He only makes and holds dear a small handful of close friends he remains loyal to and honors. As he despises the whims of the many and uses the many in the “Infinite Game of Puppeteering” and they are the game pieces he uses in the practice of manipulation and deception. He does this by creating an illusionary big picture that everyone is focused on, while the real big picture takes place off the scene.
These victims have been stripped of their pride without them even knowing it. The programming of the individual and the mass herds has become easy. He has come to understand the human animal’s behaviors and the cycles of every age. He firmly believes in himself with all confidence. He boldly states: ‘I am the highest of all living creatures, all demons and devils, all gods of the past-present-and future. Bow down before me at my command for I am the Just and loyal companion to all infernal affairs, and delights of the flesh. These things are owed to me!
So say’s my understanding.’
The Nine Stimulations
1. Sloth: is an action of reluctance, wanting to sleep in until afternoon or night by not wanting to get up, instead, just lying around in bed. There was this man who spent his whole life enjoying himself by only being ...motivated to do and get things done in and on his own time. He felt that the bed was the most peaceful and comfortable place to be, except maybe the bathroom. He would rather live as the Hermit because that’s when he accomplished the most. He listened and understood his own thoughts as revelation, and he being the most inspired at these times. Anyway, my point is relaxed and does what is most natural to you when it comes to slothfulness.
2. Envy: wanting whatever other people have can only be a wonderful motivator to help aid your own self-will in getting and accomplishing things on your own terms. Envy is another method of inspiration and inspiration becomes accomplishment. How can you possibly want something that you have not seen personally? This person had a bestial craving of the worldly indulgence. Wanting a married man’s wife for a night,
peering into other people’s lives, necessitating the carnal instinct, the pulsating rhythm through his body of demon’s blood and wanting everything not of his.
3. Gluttony: the act of eating until your heart’s content. In some aspects gluttony is strength. It takes food to survive. A hard worker and or creative person to bring in the money to eat. Pride will help you lose weight if need to be. Why feel bad for eating until your heart is content. Enjoy! Delight! Indulge! Feast!
4. Greed: why hast thou accused me? For I only want for me the many worldly things and I don’t want to share these things, therefore the many are not, deserving. Greed the action of wanting more than your fair share. Who is to decide how much is enough for another individual.
5. Pride: the feeling of being too good for a person, place, or thing. We as individuals are better than all else, as we are gods in the flesh. Be too good for something. We are superior!
6. Anger: is the blinding inhibitor to which it causes most people to error. Call it the blinding factor for the majority. As unto the Satanist anger is beneficial in ritual as one of the key ingredience of desire, the emotions. Remember! There’s always proper times and places. Anger is a great motivator in destruction spells.
7. Hate: the driving force to maintaining self-preservation and superiority. Don’t be placed at the mercy of others. Hate is directed to those who would oppose us, insult us, and despise us. It’s not possible to like everyone.
8. Lust: a thought, a desire, and fantasy. To visualize another individual naked wanting every inch of them. Visualizing very intense sexual acts with the other. There are many lust demons. The male is called incubus and female a succubus. There is nothing wrong with going and craving after that very thing that produces life. The joys of the flesh. Indulgence is very healthy for people. Its compulsion that keeps and causes problems. The lust for life keeps life in motion.
9. Love: the act of a shared feeling with family and friends. Unconditional love means loving another no matter what they have done. Going out on special occasions with your girl-friend or wife to celebrate one another’s birthdays, anniversaries, and any other happy times between each other. Also, in the times when one or the other is sad, to help them through difficult moments. A candle light dinner, a walk on the beach, or a night at the movies. A soft expression to show dedication and honor to the other. Here is a short story: The sparkle in her eye as she spoke in that soft tone while she looked up at the night sky, with her eyes closed for a second I knew she was ready to go home. She had given me this warm welcoming feeling of a fire that ignited in my heart. I felt peace for that moment. Could this be an unspoken love between two people who don’t even know each other? It surely must be. I felt no lust for this girl in my inner self, only I felt love for this girl so wonderful. I find myself lost for words and not enough right moments. Can and will there ever be a time or place? An opportunity for a life time of memories? This unexplainable welcoming home at the point where time stands still. Willing to give up, to sacrifice, to have the one wonderful other that is connected to your soul. Sharing winters out in the cold with all the snow, becoming freezing cold from playing together in the snow. Going back inside the house and sitting next to the fireplace cuddling each other and feeling the warmth. Soft kisses and staring into each other’s eyes communicating unspoken words of love and compassion. Touching softly noses and holding on to every
second, not wanting this moment to ever end. The seasons keep changing and 50 years has passed by and still happily together. We raised wonderful children that have grown to be great in the world. We’re in our nineties and the first flame of young love and compassion for each other still burns bright. Hoping we die together cuddled in bed asleep, not letting go of the first time we met. We were never rich or poor. We owned an amazing house that raised a family and a few pets. Being together meant no worries, stress, no troubles, nothing else mattered, but the joy and love together. THERE IS SO MUCH BEAUTY IN LOVE!
   I say believe in thyself and nothing else should matter. In the end we as individuals are what matter the most.We dont suffer as much when we learn to not hold expectations on things, people, and places in life. Holding expectations on anyt......hing will surely be subjugated to let downs and makes life itself harder to cope and deal with.We must believe in ourself and seek the True Wisdom in life and find the deepest beauty that life has to offer.Only then, when finding life's truest beauty, will then we find our real joy and peace.Its about understanding thyself and the true meaning in life and how deep the importance is to keep moving foreward no matter how bad life gets. To look at life in the perspective of being optimistic and not pessimistic where we would only see the down side of everything. In life, yes, sometimes it is hard to see past the down side, but, when we do see past the downside and find our opportunity in all situations and circumstances we then find desire and motivation to strive for that beauty in life and what it has to offer. It takes a million Respected deeds in the right times for others to see the changes, but, it only takes one screw up on behalf of another that is never forgotten. We cannot erase the past all we can do is learn from it and take alook at our present state of being and see to our future and keep moving foreward.
    In my opinion, suffering comes from when a person has expectations of a person place or thing in life. The only expectation one should have is of themself then if a person is let down only having expectations of themselves in return it woul...d be no one fault but themself, one would let themself down. Putting expectations on other than ones self is always subject to suffering and a person suffers when they have been let down because the expectation was not met in life.Im writting this not based on any situation but in general life itself.Its easy to accept all things for what they are in life if you dont hold expectation on it.So, forn the last part of the quote of Austin Osman Spare, is correct in saying, "until sufficient sufferance to accept all things." is for an individual who hath placed expectations on life has been brought to understanding and completion of knowing.Life is the great indulgence and Death the great abstinence, It is what we make of life here and now! This is our day of Joy and This is our day of suffering, This is our day of opportunity, Choose Ye, this day, this hour, for no redeemer liveth.Saith,unto thine ownself, I Am My Own Redeemer! Master of my fate and Captain of my soul.To Long right and wron hath been inverted by false Prophets and too long has the Right-Hand been permitted to sterilize living thought. It is Doubt that brings mental emancipation unto ones ownself that leads to undefiled wisdom. SEEK FIRST Thyself, and everything else will be added there unto!! Expect Nothing and seek for the best in life, find and look to the beauty that life itself hath to offer and life itself will bring its deepest beauty unto thee.Awaken, thine gods within you and find (TRUE WISDOM) and (TRUE KNOWLEDGE), FIND YOURSELF AND YOU HATH FOUND YOUR OWN GOD. WE ARE GODS IN THE FLESH! WE ARE ALL STARS MEANT TO SHINE OUR BRILLANCE UPON THE WORLD,UNIQUELY AND CREATIVELY EACH IN THEIR OWN MANNER! RISE UP HEARTY AND STRONG, BELEIVE IN YOURSELF,Because in the end we as individuals are what matters the most each to oneself. Hail Thyself! Hail Satanas-Luciferi!! Hail Satan!! Darkest Blessings from the lower Heavens beneath you! Open wide the Gates of Hell and Let them Serve You!! May our Dark Lord and Master Satan smile upon you. Carpe Noctem!! ~666~

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